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Book: Tackling Wicked Problems through the Transdisciplinary Imagination

Jerome Ravetz said “Valerie Brown and her colleagues-really comrades-have achieved the new synthesis for a scientific practice that is so necessary for the current age

Fairness and justice in environmental decision-making

Catherine Gross will present the results of her PhD at the Fenner School, ANU on Thursday 4 March,1-2pm in the Forestry Lecture Theatre Forestry Building 48 for those of you in Canberra. If you’re not a local, you can watch a video of her research. Catherine presented her video at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Millennium Conference: Water-Ecosystem [...]

hope helps (or: smiling whilst working in fisheries)

It was many years ago now that my Filipino supervisor said to me ‘it’s important they see hope in all of this’. He was referring to the Filipino artesanal fishers that we were to invite to a workshop on how addressing the fact that it often costs the fishers more to go fishing than to [...]

Faux Forum for socio/eco PhD students during the summer break

Welcome to the reawakening of the Human Ecology Forum blog! Following advice from the recently published book ‘Doctorates down under’, a group of PhD students researching the nexus between people and environment are establishing a ‘peer support group’. The group will meet semi-regularly, both through Skype and face-to-face, to discuss their ideas and issues. Interested? [...]

Resilience Thinking and Mangroves in Indonesia

After returning from researching mangrove ecosystems in Simeulue Island, Aceh (next to Nias Island), Ben Brown of Mangrove Action Project stumbled upon Salt and Walker’s book “Resilience Thinking”. It resonated with his experience of working in Southeast Asia in community-based mangrove management, conservation and restoration, and in response to Salt and Walker’s challenge to readers by to explore resilience concepts in the ecosystems that they work in, Ben wrote a fascinating report on the resilience of mangrove ecosystems in Indonesia. Published by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in English and Indonesia, but not currently availble online, we’ve posted the report on the Human Ecology Forum blog for your edification.

For-Profit Scientific Publishers and the Culture of Entitlement

Join in Mike ‘s rant about for-profit scientific publishers and the culture of entitlement over at scienceblogs.com.

Systems types

Systems types at the DCSWiki (Distributed and Complex Systems).

Participatory modelling for coral reef management

Deb Cleland is one of the rocking crew of students who completed Honours in Human Ecology at the Australian National University in 2007. Her innovative honours’ research took advantage of incredible research opportunities with the Modelling and Decision Support Working Group in the Coral Reef Targeted Research Project to carry out practical research on approaches to sustainable reef management. Deb worked with the MDS-WG to design interactive models and role play games to engage stakeholders in coral reef management and conservation issues. Deb has kindly allowed us to post her honours thesis on the Human Ecology Forum website.

New Mandala

An interesting article on academic blogging by Nicholas Farrelly of New Mandala.

Feral Thoughts

Feral Thoughts: the blog of the Invasive Animals CRC’s CEO Tony Peacock.