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Swimming with Whale Sharks

This Friday the 8th of August, Wendy Rainbird (Nature and Society Forum) will be leading a discussion on “Swimming with Whale Sharks: the place of direct experience in valuing and understanding the natural world”. We will explore the issues for effective on-going conservation management, human interactions with and threats to the whale sharks, and the changes these bring to oceanic ecosystems, political processes and personal values.

Environmental managers, complexity and effective leadership (review)

On 13 June, Keith Johnston took us into the challenging world of environmental managers in New Zealand. Keith prised open the black box that encapsulates the overwhelming complexity of ‘managing’ the environment as done by people whose cognitive abilities and organisational (social structural) context is of widely varying ability.

Can environmental managers provide effective leadership in the face of uncertainty and complexity?

Next Friday the 13th of June, Keith Johnston (ANU School of Management, Marketing and International Business) will be leading a discussion on “Can environmental managers provide clear and effective leadership in the face of high levels of uncertainty and complexity?”