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Links between R&D investment and governance performance

Lorrae's Planet under Pressure presentation generated discusison on the links between science and governance - and whether they can be used together as a force for good...or evil.

New and revived blog coming your way in 2012

Our blog has been a bit on and off this year, much like my commitment and dedication to my PhD, flamenco, samba, learning Tagalog, poi and hulahooping. Guess we can’t do it all. We’ve got grand plans of making this a more crowd sourced project next year with the help of our official webmaster Sandra [...]

The Human Ecology Forum: Latest post

Master blogging challenge @ Asia Pacific Week 2011

4 professional academics and journalists were invited to a live blogging challenge as part of ANU's Asia Pacific Week 2011. As blogging isn't traditionally a spectator sport, Deb joined in the challenge to blog about three unrelated objects.

Journey to Big Land

Millie tells us about her field work in surburbia, where belonging is only a mall away.


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